Anne-Mareike Hess

On Fighting, Dreaming, and Weaving
Anne-Mareike Hess © Lynn Theisen

How can we talk about dance? And can something as volatile as dance be archived? By commissioning choreographers to ponder on their art, the CNL’s series Choreographical Talks, launched in 2022, tries to provide answers to these questions and to give movement a (lasting) voice.

Anne-Mareike Hess is an award-winning dancer and choreographer and the artistic director of the independent structure utopic productions. In her choreographical talk On Fighting, Dreaming, and Weaving she reflects on her recently completed series WARRIOR, DREAMER, WEAVER and fantasises about future work.

“I wanted to do this in a way that mirrors how I work, think and feel, and most of all, I wanted this process to be inspiring, creative and playful for myself and hopefully also for you, dear reader. Now it is in your hands.” (Anne-Mareike Hess)

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