Ian De Toffoli, Nathalie Ronvaux and Elise Schmit … in Greek !

Literary Voices from Luxembourg

Λογοτεχνικές Φωνές από το Λουξεμβούργο
©Philippe Matsas

Critical reception of Luxembourg’s literature is not confined to its borders, and increasingly works by Luxembourgish authors are being translated into other languages.

Literary Voices from Luxembourg will present works by Ian De Toffoli, Nathalie Ronvaux and Elise Schmit translated into Greek. We will hear from the authors and explore their work as well as questions of translation and the communication between different linguistic communities.

Olga Ioannidou and Petros Papakalos will talk to the writers in English and French.

The readings will be in the original languages as well as in Greek, read by actress Christina Zikou.


With the support of the Embassy of Greece and the Hellenic Community of Luxembourg.

in English – en français – en grec

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