Conservation, Research, Appreciation and Transmission

The mission of the CNL is to collect items relevant to Luxembourgish literature from 1815 onwards. According to its acquisition policy, the Centre acquires authors’ manuscripts, letters, digital files as well as personal objects. In addition, the collection contains historical documents and records of the influence of Luxembourgish literature.


The CNL also fulfills a duty of conservation, analysis and transmission of Luxembourg’s multilingual literary heritage (mainly Luxembourgish, French and German). It publishes books – ranging from monographs to exhibition catalogues and a series of republications entitled «Lëtzebuerger Bibliothéik ». The CNL also compiles the Dictionary of Luxembourgish Authors, a free online reference tool, which can also be consulted as an app. Published in French and German, the dictionary is regularly updated by the Centre’s research team.

The CNL collaborates with international libraries and archives. The CNL is a member of the archival network KOOP-LITERA international and of the international library and archive organisation IFLA.

In keeping with its socio-cultural mission, the CNL is an essential meeting place for literary scholars and anyone with an interest in literature. It hosts and co-hosts numerous literary events like public lectures, literature prizes, conferences and debates.

The CNL offers a varied program of activities to the general public, including introductions to the literature and literary history of Luxembourg as well as events specifically aimed at children or students. Guided tours of the premises and current exhibitions are available upon request.

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