Donations and Patronage


The CNL’s collections are continuously enriched through donations. These donations of documents, archive material, literary works and objects allow the Luxembourgish literary heritage to be preserved, studied and shared with the public by the CNL conservation staff.

If you wish to entrust our institution with your archives, documents, objects or books related to Luxembourgish literature, please contact us at

In accordance with its mission and professional ethical code, the CNL will evaluate the documents in relation to its existing collections. In some cases, and with the permission of the donor, the donation will be handed over to an institution which will benefit more from the items.

Generous donations continuously enrich the Luxembourgish literary heritage. In the News column you can find out more about documents recently donated to the CNL’s collections.

The CNL would like to thank you in advance for your generosity!

And don’t forget, generous donors benefit from a certificate of tax deductibility.

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