Dictionary of Luxembourgish Authors

Dictionnaire des auteurs luxembourgoies

The Dictionary of Luxembourgish Authors contains information on the life and work of authors who have been part of the literary scene in Luxembourg since 1815. It encompasses bio-bibliographical data of Luxembourgish authors or authors published in Luxembourg, and contains information on their career and life in the context of literary history. More than twelve hundred authors including variations of their name and their pen names as well as seven thousand pieces of work in twelve different languages are featured in this publication. The Dictionary of Luxembourgish Authors also contains pictures of authors along with information about literary awards and prizes, translations and audiovisual adaptations of their work as well as bibliographical and archival references. The dictionary presents all authors which have published at least one piece of work or are active in the literary scene of the Grand-Duchy, regardless of their nationality or choice of language.

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